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Welcome to 21st Century Window! With more than two decades of doing our best for the customer, 21st Century Window Replacement Company has the experience to do every job. From straight forward installations to the most challenging, we get the job done with competence, on-time and on-budget. Our primary focus is to do quality work with customer satisfaction in mind. We offer many related project services focusing on the real enjoyment and benefits possible through your home remodeling projects. At 21st Century Window Replacement Company our eye is not only on your remodeling project, but also on your real estate investment.

Formed and incorporated in 1991, 21st Century Window Replacement Company takes pride in every job we do. We are committed to excellence and great customer service. With no complaints filed in all our years of home improvement service, our superior customer service record speaks for itself. We are members of CAM (Construction Association of Michigan). Our positive customer satisfaction history is evident from our many letters of recommendation and customer referrals.

We also offer a wide variety of other related home improvements including:

  • Installation of vinyl/wood/cement/aluminum siding


  • Repair and installation roofing, overhangs, and gutters


  • Installation of doors and door walls


  • Patio enclosures 


  • Basement refinishing


Visit our Learning Center to find out how we provide you with the best products & technology for your home.

Take a look at our Services page to find out about the range of services we can provide you with.

Check out pictures and descriptions of the various styles of windows we have to offer.

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