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Find out how the specialty products and options we offer can improve the operation and function of your windows and significantly cut down your heating & cooling costs.

The more glass your house has, the higher your heating and cooling costs are going to be. If energy loss is going to occur, through your windows and doors is the easiest path. Advancements throughout the years have improved the glazing thermal properties to allow homeowners to provide natural light into a room without paying higher energy bills.

Low-E Glass Option

The Low-E Glass Option is actually a 2-Part system that utilizes some of the latest technologies to help the homeowner better control energy/heat loss and gain in their home. Below is a breakdown of our Low-E Glass to show the superior performance they offer and how the consumer benefits from of this technology.


Low-E glass is glass coated with optically transparent layers of silver sandwiched between layers of antireflective metal oxide coatings. These "smart" coatings selectively filter the sun's energy in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter, providing year round energy savings.


During the summer months, the greatest potential for energy cost savings is air conditioning. Low-E effectively filters out the infrared energy that drives up summer air conditioning costs, while blocking out 84% of harmful ultraviolet rays which damage curtains, carpeting and furnishings.


In the winter, Low-E glass reflects the room-side heat back into the room, which helps reduce heating costs. Plus, there's a significant reduction in the potential for wintertime "sweating" or condensation associated with ordinary non-coated insulating glass windows, because the interior of the glass is warmer.

Warm Edge Insulating Glass Technology

Warm edge insulating glass technology offers superior thermal performance and aesthetics. It retains its performance over the years thanks to it's innovative spacer system design.


Warm edge insulating glass technology centers around the automated fabrication of insulating glass unit spacers. The warm edge spacer is made from a thin steel strip. It is automatically formed into a one-piece glass spacer and structural support by computer operated machinery. Warm edge spacers provide excellent structural integrity and superior thermal performance, while being more aesthetically pleasing due to the low profile U-channel being hidden from sight by the sash.

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